Do I Need Antibiotics Before an Endodontic Treatment?

Do I Need Antibiotics Before an Endodontic Treatment?

At Prime Endodontics, our topmost priority is safeguarding our valued patients’ health and wellbeing. That’s why we sometimes prescribe antibiotics before endodontic treatment. That helps eliminate existing infections and prevents new ones from developing. Dr. Shakiba, our acclaimed endodontist, will evaluate your unique condition and determine if an antibiotics regimen before treatment is right for you. 

Why Would You Require Antibiotics Before an Endodontic Procedure?

Oral bacteria sometimes enter the bloodstream during endodontic procedures, which in most cases, does not pose a health risk. However, patients with certain medical conditions are at risk of infections developing elsewhere in the body. That includes infection of the heart lining or valves, a serious condition known as infective endocarditis. 

The American Heart Association recommends antibiotics premedication or antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with a history of heart problems that would leave them at risk for infective endocarditis. These include individuals with artificial heart valves, a history of infective endocarditis, a heart transplant that develops valve problems, or certain congenital heart issues. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery also recommends that patients with previous joint replacement surgery, including a hip, knee, or shoulder replacement, receive antibiotics before undergoing dental treatment.

At Prime Endodontics, we may also recommend antibiotics for patients with compromised immune systems who are generally at a higher risk of infection. Moreover, an acute or chronic infection in the mouth, particularly one accompanied by fever or swelling, will likely require antibiotics before your treatment. 

Can Antibiotics Eliminate the Need for Endodontic Treatment?

One of the greatest misconceptions many people have is that antibiotics will clear tooth pulp infection and prevent the need for endodontic treatments, such as root canal therapy. While antibiotics help treat an abscess or infection and prevent further infection from developing, they are no substitute for endodontic treatment. Even though the initial infection may clear up, the source remains and will continue to cause problems. The only way to restore the health and function of a tooth with inflamed and infected pulp is to remove it and seal the nerve chamber off with a root canal. 

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Contact Prime Endodontics in Houston, TX, to determine whether you require antibiotic prophylaxis before an upcoming endodontic procedure. Dr. Shakiba and her team are committed to providing exceptional care and service while ensuring our valued patients are safe throughout any treatment. We invite you to experience endodontic care at its best! Call us and schedule your appointment today!