Why Choose an Endodontist for a Dental Emergency?

Why Choose an Endodontist for a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency can be a stressful experience, but your trusted team at Prime Endodontics is here to help! Dr. Shakiba, our acclaimed endodontist, has the extensive training, skill, and expertise required to provide emergency treatments for traumatic tooth injuries or sudden tooth pain. You can always count on Dr. Shakiba and her outstanding team for care and service that exceed your expectations!

Why Choose an Endodontist for Your Dental Emergency?

Endodontists specialize in saving teeth. They have the training and experience needed to perform the most intricate dental procedures to preserve injured or diseased teeth and restore them to their healthy, natural state. They are your choice dental professionals when experiencing unexplained dental pain or if you have complicated dental problems.

Endodontists are familiar with the latest technological advancements, allowing for precise diagnostics, more comfortable care, and better treatment outcomes. Their offices are flexible in accommodating dental emergencies, so you’ll be on your way to the needed relief before you know it!

What Are Some Common Dental Emergencies?

Here are some common dental emergencies we treat right here at our Houston, TX office:

Knocked-Out (Avulsed) Teeth: If your tooth gets knocked out, gently return it to its socket without touching the root or place it in some milk. Dr. Shakiba will stabilize your tooth using a splint and may recommend root canal therapy, if needed, depending on the stage of root development.

Dislodged (Luxated) Teeth: If your tooth has been pushed sideways, into, or out of its socket, Dr. Shakiba will reposition and stabilize it using a splint. You may require root canal therapy to save the tooth.

Tooth Injuries in Children: Tooth injuries in children usually require an apexogenesis or an apexification procedure. Apexogenesis involves using medication to encourage the root to continue developing while the pulp heals. If that does not succeed, apexification may help. That involves removing the damaged pulp and placing medication into the root to stimulate root development and encourage the formation of a hard tissue barrier at the root tip to close off the apex and prevent any further inflammation or infection.

Severe Tooth Pain: If the pain is due to inflamed or infected tooth pulp, root canal therapy can provide prompt relief. Signs you require a root canal include pain or tenderness, drainage, sensitivity to hot or cold, swelling, tooth discoloration, and tenderness in the lymph nodes, nearby bone, and gum tissues.

Dental Abscess: Dr. Shakiba may perform a pulpal debridement to relieve the pain caused by a dental abscess. That involves partially removing the nerve of the tooth and draining any pressure associated with the infection. Pulpal debridement is an emergency procedure that provides instant relief until root canal therapy can be performed.

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We, at Prime Endodontics in Houston, TX, hope you never experience a dental emergency but are here for you in the event you do. Our experienced and caring staff is proud to offer specialized services and outstanding, gentle care. You can always count on us!